Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

We will develop software for you based on your requirements and then host and operate that software for you. This minimises your requirement for Technology resources and infrastruture.

Given our 10 years of application hosting experience, can easily host and support your solution based on your specific requirements.

Additionally we can structure OPEX based pricing models.

Proof of Concept

In many cases the cost and complexity of systems development or purchase and their implementation are prohibitive when the exact requirements or usefullness are not yet know. Symbiosys has developed countless working "Proof of Concept" systems that have allowed our clients to do hands on requirements definition, return on investment modeling and data mapping. To this end we have developed a comprehensive methodology and toolset that allows us to rapidly develop robust systems that can be used over the short, medium and even long term to validate system or process concepts.

Technology Consulting

We believe in appropriate technology solutions to business problems. We dont just look for the best technology solution, we look for the solution that most holistically resolves the problem.

We are able to provide Enterprise Architecture, IT Strategy, Solution Architecture, Techinical Architecture, Business Process Design, Data Architecture resources, just to name a few. We can provide these resources as individuals or as part of a managed project team.

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